Pakistani player wins Tekken 7 tournament at Evo 2019

Here’s another stunning example of determination, sheer willpower and amazing motivation

Evo 2019 winner Arslan Ash

There’s always a Pakistani out there who comes out of nowhere and ends up shocking millions by performing a stunning feat. With limited resources and insignificant supervision, Arslan Ash has dominated an amazing position in the E-Sports world.

Arslan Ash, a Pakistani pro gamer, has become the winner of Evo 2019 championships, where he dominated in Tekken 7 tournament. The tournament took place in Las Vegas, where he has made Pakistan proud by influencing everyone to think better of Pakistan.

The Pakistani champion got the first position, after defeating the god of Tekken 7 himself; South Korea’s Knee. Arslan Ash rose amongst the ranks and won against 8 competitors from 4 countries, including the US, South Korea and Japan.

As seen in the winning clip, Arslan Ash easily won against the South Korean player, Knee, with majority of his health remaining as he defeated Knee. It certainly was a domination!

Good news for Pakistan?

After seeing Arslan Ash’s dedication and game expertise, and ofcourse probabaly after Arslan set a good example of Pakistani gamers, Knee expressed his desire to visit Pakistan and meet and practice with the other Pakistani gamers

Pakistan is a country viewed very negatively in the International media. It is portrayed as a war-torn, unstable country with no real talents or things of interest. Events like these, such as Arslan Ash’s victory, influence the people’s perception of Pakistan positively, providing a better image and letting the people know that Pakistan is indeed a living, breathing country of beautiful things and amazing people.

Arslan Ash’s journey has been a very difficult one, and certainly a brilliant example of commitment and dedication. He has been dubbed “The Unknown Tekken God”

The Evo 2019 championship has now finished, but the amazing discounts it brought for fighting games is still there. Therefore if you want to be the next competitor in these fighting games, go ahead and buy them when they are cheap.

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