Week 1 Challenge

Fortnite Week 1 Challenge Season X: Destroy stop signs with Catalyst outfit

Time to go exploring around vandalizing objects again

Fortnite Week 1 Challenge
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Now that the new Season X is here and you’ve probably grabbed the Battle Pass, its time to do the weekly challenges. One of the Fortnite Week 1 Challenge asks you to destroy stop signs while wearing the Catalyst outfit. 

You’ll find most of the stop signs in the major cities in Fortnite. Although you’d think it’ll be easy to find them, trust me it isn’t. They are, ofcourse, found on intersections of the street, just like how they are supposed to be.

Fortnite Week 1 Challenge: Stop Sign locations

Fortnite Week 1 Challenge
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One of the best places to find an abundance of stop signs (atleast 8) is Pleasant Park. There’s many streets and intersections here, meaning that you’ll easily find the stop signs. Not a fan of Pleasant Park? You can drop at Salty Springs, Paradise Palms and Mega Mall to find some stop signs here and there.

Although you’ll find many stop signs in Pleasant Park, remember that it is one of the more popular places where a lot of people drop. So expect a fight when you drop there and except most of the stop signs to be destroyed before you get there, since others will be completing the challenge too. Plan ahead and go to another place, such as Salty Springs, after you’re done with Pleasant Park and your challenge still remains.

The Catalyst skin

Season X Battle Pass brings you a variety of new outfits and items, and amongst those outfits is the first skin you get: Catalyst. Essentially, it is a female version of the Season 5 Drift skin. Hence make sure you equip the Catalyst skin before you head out to destroy stop signs. Wouldn’t want to do all that work for nothing now would you?

Fortnite Week 1 Challenge
Catalyst Outfit

Lastly, hit your rich and generous friend up for a Battle Pass (if you don’t have it yet). Yes you can gift them now!

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