Smallest gaming laptop you’ll ever see: The ThinkTiny

As if Lenovo ThinkPad wasn’t already small, here comes a miniature version of it

Smallest Gaming Laptop

After a huge variety of things have gotten miniaturized, now comes a functional gaming laptop reduced to the size of your thumbs. The ThinkTiny, the smallest gaming laptop to exist currently, is a miniature version based off of the Lenovo ThinkPad. Remarkably created by Paul Klinger, the tiny adorable laptop is a functioning laptop which uses ThinkPad’s TrackPoint nub to act as a joystick.  Although a tiny little thing, the laptop can run classic arcade games such as SnakeTetris, and Lunar Lander.

How it works

Powered by the ATtiny1614 8-bit chip, Klinger’s ThinkTiny is woefully underpowered for running productivity apps like MS Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Instead, he’s designed it to be a tiny gaming laptop running retro titles like SnakeLunar Lander, and Tetris on its diminutive OLED screen. ~Gizmodo

The lil boy features a 128 x 64 OLED screen and no it does not run GTA V, Fortnite or Crisis. Besides why would you want to play those games on a 64p resolution? But the arcade games it features are a neat little time-pass trick which also show off the functionality of the laptop.

Although a well-made tiny machine, Klinger does not plan to sell the miniature device. Which is understandable since the laptop must’ve taken a while to produce, and could even get small lawsuits from Lenovo. In spite of that, good guy Klinger has given out the entire code and the design files as well for his smallest gaming laptop achievement on his GitHub page.

Paul Klinger didn’t stop just on the laptop, he went ahead and used the same code to make a miniature PC as well! The TinyPC runs the same games as the ThinkTiny, with the addition of a Breakout game, which changes the lights of the PC as the game gets more difficult. RGB fans rejoice!

What future does Paul Klinger’s achievement of making such a small gaming system hold in the gaming industry? Will some big hunks out there would adopt this idea and start development in the tiny gaming laptops and PCs field? We can hope to one day see Klinger’s feats be recognized more and more!

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