Nintendo Switch can now run Android unofficially

What is this, a crossover episode?

Nintendo Switch Android

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Nintendo Switch can now run the Android OS. The portable hybrid gaming console can now be loaded with some highly useful apps such as YouTube, Spotify and even Netflix. Not only that, but since it’s Android, there is a variety of Android apps available.  It is a freely accessible firmware for the Nintendo Switch, released by Homebrew developers at XDA. The firmware is a port that the developers at XDA came up with through their own fiddling around with the Android 8.1-based LineageOS 15.1, and it is buggy at this stage.

Since its a port of LineageOS 15.1 which itself is based on the Nvidia Shield TV, it means that you can play Nvidia exclusive games such as Portal, Borderlands and even Half-Life 2.

Nintendo Switch Android; the bugs and errors

Much the same as other “infant level” softwars, firmwares etc. The Android port on Nintento Switch also brings with it a couple of bugs and hitches. Some of the significant issues relate to poor battery life, touch screen being too sensitive, no GPS or Camera which means that some Android apps won’t work, and the problems of auto-turning of the screen. It really is like operating an Android tablet with a couple of controllers, what do you expect? You can use it like you would use any smartphone.

The Dolphin Emulator, which is one of the main reasons you’d even want Android on your Nintendo Switch in the first place, seems to not have support for the Joy-Cons.

Problem of it being unofficial

Furthermore, it being unofficial means that you can forget about receiving any support from Nintendo if your device gets corrupted, as the process of getting the Android firmware installed does involve cracking or hacking of the Nintendo Switch. Not only that, but there is the risk of getting banned from online services if Nintendo somehow discovers you tinkering with the Nintendo Switch. Not only that, but the installation process of the Android firmware requires the Hekate bootloader, and not every Nintendo Switch supports custom ROMs, so if you brick your system, don’t have a surprised pickachu face on.

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