Fortnite teaser #3 released for the 10th season

We need someone intelligent to get what the Fortnite teaser means


Fortnite is known for its clever and creative ways of hinting at new seasons. We already got two teasers for the upcoming season 10. One of those teasers was revealed in the Fortnite World Cup Solos event and one was tweeted by Fortnite.

The first teaser comes with the image of Dusty Depot, that good ol’ location that was destroyed by the pesky comet in season 4, which has made fans excited as their wishes are finally coming true. The 2nd teaser has an image of a robot with some familiar symbols on the sides, hinting at the return of the visitor from season 4.

Earlier, just an hour ago, Fortnite tweeted the new teaser, which has an image of two possible upcoming Battlepass skins as Fortnite has always hinted at new skins through their teasers. People have been speculating that there will be some time-bending related concept in the new season due to the first two teasers having the captions “Think Back” and “Look Forward”, but with the new teaser those beliefs can be considered as true since the new caption says “Twist Time”, aiming directly at the concept of time travel or alternate timelines existing.

Furthermore, people have also started to decipher that the skin on the right side of the new teaser image reflects a darker or evil version of the Season 5 Drift skin, this can be true as Fortnite has developed other skins with dark versions such as the Dark Bomber.

Nevertheless, we can not confirm anything until the last teaser for season X drops tomorrow at the same time which will make most things clear. The new season will start from August 1st with loads of new content and possible map changes.

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