Fortnite Season 10

Fortnite season 10 teased with image of Dusty Depot

Fortnite World Cup had the fans going crazy with a nostalgia inducing teaser

Fortnite Season 10

The unending desire of Fortnite fans might be getting fulfilled. Fortnite season 10, or as seen in the image season X,  appears to be bringing Dusty Depot, a fan-favorite location which was destroyed by an astroid in Season 4 and turned into a large crater known as Dusty Divot. This first teaser was revealed during the Fortnite World Cup Solos final where the pro-players and commentators CouRageJD, and Dr. Lupo got the honors of showing it off.

Is it really happening?

We still aren’t sure how the Fortnite developers will pull off bringing an old location back into the game, maybe it will be rebuilt or maybe some magical time travel mumbo jumbo will bring the location back. Its Fortnite, anything can happen in this game. Petition to get that floating island back again from season 6?

Fortnite twitter has giving a meager hint which says “Think Back” with the image above. Epic told CouRageJD that its merely a hint as there will be other changes for the next big season. The new season will be coming soon, with the official date being 1st of August.

Like every season, there has been alot of build up leading to season 10. The monster escape from Polar Peak was the first big thing, and then a giant robot was created in the Pressure Plant volcano location. After a mysterious timer had appeared people began to get excited. The end of the timer started a crisis in the map as the escaped monster rushed out of the sea and started destroying (but not actually destroying) the map. Out came our heroic rescuer the bear looking robot probably inspired from Power Rangers who slayed the monster in an epic battle. The events just keep getting more and more impressive and sophisticated.

Fortnite season 10 2nd teaser reveal

The new teaser, revealed a day after the first teaser, had a good play on words in the sense that the first teaser had the caption “Think Back” whereas the second teaser has the caption “Look Forward”. What are the clever developers trying to hint? We can only wait for the third and final teaser that will most probably be revealing tomorrow, 30th of July.

Fortnite season 10

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