Fortnite World Cup duos player wins with a controller, takes second place

Sorta takes away our excuses for sucking against PC players using a controller eh?

Fortnite World Cup duos

Fortnite World Cup duos phase took place yesterday on July 27th and the champions, nyhrox and aquaa, have been named victorious winning $3 Million for first place. The Solo finals will take place today. But the real show stealing aspect of the day was the team that took second place, a duo of Dave Jong (Rojo) and Jaden Ashman (Wolfiez), the latter a U.K 15 year old player who took the respect of everyone by playing with a controller. How’s that for shoving

The mouse vs. controller debate

It is a well known fact that mouse and keyboard usage is superior compared to controllers when it comes to competitive shooters, since mice allow precise shooting ability. Although in the end it really comes down to your personal preference, some people are highly skilled in controllers and play miles better than the KB+M players (as Wolfiez has demonstrated by placing second). Despite this fact, there’s a lot of argument surrounding the mouse vs. controller issue as many gamers believe that controllers are given a god-sent autoaim which automatically moves their aim around and kills everyone in a 2 kilometer radius (which surprisingly is not true) but it was made known to the general public that everyone, both controller and mouse peeps, will be using the same settings. But hey, aimbot controller hurr durr.

Wolfiez, the star of the show

Anyways we shall move on to cheering on the kiddo who got second place in the Fortnite World Cup duos and is far better than us lazy gamers who’ve played longer than he’s lived and yet we have the skills of a tomato. Our lil boy here has had troubles at home with his mom throwing his Xbox out once as his grades had suffered due to his gaming hobbies, but hey surprise surprise a parent finally understood and respected his son’s career choices of becoming a professional e-sports player. Money does change life doesn’t it.

Jaden and Rojo won $2.25 Million to share in the Fortnite World Cup duos, a huge amount for a boy of that age, and their fans are rallying around a hashtag #ControllerGang to motivate and cheer on the professional players who play with controllers.   

It has been really motivating for many fans around the world to see some players using controllers in a competitive game. One twitter user @nemesisfrost22 watched aydan, another professional Fortnite player, who uses controller in competitive matches and got very motivated.

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