Bethesda to remove online login requirement from Doom Switch re-release

After backlash from the fans, Bethesda cover ups it’s mess up

Bethesda Doom

Bethesda, after the re-release of the first three Doom games on the Nintendo Switch, faced a great deal of negative reactions from angry fans who wanted to understand why a single player offline game required online login. The games that were released so long ago and have been played a lot shouldn’t require online login when they never required it in the first place, is what most of the fans said (ofcourse indirectly, in not-so-nice words).

However, Bethesda quickely took steps to cover up this ordeal by saying that the online login will be made optional in the next update. Bethesda stated that the login was required so that players could earn rewards and items in Doom Eternal, an upcoming game, but now the login will be optional and one can opt in if they want to participate in the Slayers Club.

Bethesda didn’t really provide a fixed date for the update, and only replied to their tweet saying they’ll update everyone when the fix is ready. Although they ensured that the fans get a fix soon and the re-release of the game doesn’t fail, angry fans are still calling Bethesda out for their poor attempts at “covering up” and that Bethesda is always making stupid mistakes. Angry fans really are a force to be reckoned with, sheesh.

Digital Rights Management

Like many game publishers these days who keep annoying their fanbases with DRM restrictions, BethesdaNet seems to also be one of those attempts at preventing piracy. This ofcourse is very annoying for the average player as they are unable to play the game offline and find it inconvenient as well as wrong to have to login to play a game they have always known to be an offline singple player game. Not only that, but the players themselves have stated that this act results in the gaming industry facing a large amount of damage. But alas, Bethesda faced the angry party and took essential steps to make things right instead of not addressing the situation at all.

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