The holy trinity of Doom games get a surprise release on Switch

Doom, Doom II and Doom 3 get released for the Switch, with DRMs ofcourse

Doom Games

Who hasn’t played the Doom games back in the days. Although the series is still going strong, Bethesda has released the first three games on Nintendo Switch. This is heavenly news about our childhood games, hurray right? Well no, there’s a catch: You have to connect to the internet and login to your Bethesda accounts to access the games.

No it doesn’t mean you have to stay connected to the internet to play them, that would be pure injustice. Doom 1+2 require the login and then once that is done you can play offline, whereas Doom 3 requires you to login to your BNet account to access certain features, this was confirmed by the ResetEra forum administrator Nibel on twitter.

Consequences of login feature in Doom games:

The original Doom games did not need any internet connection to play back then as they are single player games. Bethesda’s decision about the login function has sparked great anger among the Doom fanbase as Bethesda hasn’t really explained why they require a login to play the game. There wasn’t anything changed by Bethesda in the new games, there are no online features nor is it a huge update to a game that they would require internet connection to download new content, which is a justifiable reason why the fans are angry and are out with their pitchforks.


Doom Games fans angry

Despite the anger of the fans due to unexplained reasons by Bethesda, one can think that they may have done it to prevent piracy of these games. The gaming community is indeed always annoyed these days with Digital Rights Management DRM and especially for the Doom games, which were released 20 years ago, and why they require to login to their accounts to play a single player, offline game.

As we have seen, this isn’t a new thing. It has become a norm in the gaming industry where old games are ported to newer systems and logins are required “in order to prevent piracy” but the people have commented that this is actually hurting the gaming industry more than piracy. Imagine buying the game and then going to someplace where you don’t have an active internet connection. You’ve spent a lot of dollars and now are unable to play the game due to that “Hey please login to play a single player offline game” screen. Guess you’ll also need a new phone now cause you’ve smashed the recent one due to the anger the login screen induced in you.

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