Free Games: Epic store gives out Moonlighter and This War of Mine this week

Who doesn’t love free games? Epic store has been giving out free games every week, and this week’s a big one!


Free Games Moonlighter and This war of mine

Epic games has been doing epic stuff (pun intended) these couple of days by handing out alot of amazing free games to the world, such as Limbo, Oxenfree, subnautica etc. Epic had announced last week that they’ll be giving out not one but TWO free games the next week, to ensure everyone gets atleast one. How sweet of them. And this week Moonlighter and This War of Mine are going to be your new games to have fun with!

Don’t worry if you’re unable to access This War of Mine, as it is an M rated game and might not be accessible if your client’s parental controls are enabled, whereas Moonlighter is E rated so it will be accessible to everyone and is a child friendly game. This is what Epic store thought about when they said they want to ensure everyone gets to play a game, they really are the sweetest aren’t they?

There also seems to be the support for cloud saves in these two games, a feature which is new to Epic store.

What’s in store the next week?

Epic has already announced that the next week is going to be a double decker as well, as Epic will be handing out Alan Wake and For Honor, two big games where For Honor is a mulitplayer game.

There was a clear difference of rating between Moonlighter and This War of Mine, but what about Alan Wake and For Honor? Well fret not as Alan Wake is rated T so it’s family-friendly but it does have use of blood language, violence, alcohol etc. Whereas For Honor is the not so kid friendly game here with the M rating.

Alan Wake and For Honor will be available on the store on 2nd of August, when Moonlighter and This War of Mine will be saying farewell to us, till 9th of August.

Free games Alan Wake and For Honor

img credits: Epic Games

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